Turbo Pure Sterilizer

Turbo Pure Sterilizer

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Product advantages

• Perfect hygiene: Baby bottles are sterilised

within a 99.5% guaranteed purified


• Sterilises in just 8 minutes right to the core of

bottles with natural steam at 95°C

• Kills even the most resistant bacteria (99.9%)

• Eliminates unpleasant odours and calcium

build-up in bottles

• ‘Pure drying function’ dries to the core of the

bottle with hot purified air (99.5% of pollutants

filtered). The safest and most hygienic rying


• Protects from moisture (complete drying)

and air pollutants (bacteria, some viruses,

pet dander, dust mites, mold etc)

• Convenient storage in a purified environment

and free from humidity

• All-in-one solution: All functions or a complete

cycle is activated by one button

• No transfer of bottles atall eliminates risk of


Product description

• Universal : thanks to removable stems,

sterilise and dry a variety of products including

bottles, teats, breast pumps, dishes, plastic

toys and more. (suitable for sterilisation)

• 2 HEPA filters included ( 6 months lifetime)

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