Nöze - Manual Nasal Aspirator

Nöze - Manual Nasal Aspirator

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Product Description

Fliter-free Nasal Aspirator

The Nöze provides safe and effective mucus removal for your baby’s stuffy nose. Specifically designed for babies, it helps them breathe better when suffering from cold and allergies. Its compact design makes it very portable and the soft.


Prevents complications from colds and allows faster healing by removing nasal mucus and brings comfort to your child

100% Medical grade (FDA approved) soft and flexible silicone nose tip to avoid irritation

No filter required, thanks to the innovative smart valve

Easy to clean and sterilize, compatible with the bblüv Üvi

Large mouth-piece allows full control over suction

Comes in a practical travel and storage case

BPA & phthalate-free

Dimensions (inches): Box: 5.5″ x 4″

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