Stac Lone Cactus Motel

Stac Lone Cactus Motel

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At Candylab we use the finest North American beech to craft our toys. STAC is our newest modular construction set, utilizing a simple but clever roof-and-block system to build architecturally inspired sets.

Remember "what happens at the Lone Cactus Motel - stays at the Lone Cactus Motel" Introducing our new Candycar compatible set. Decked out in mid-century patterns, free wifi, and fresh coffee - you might never want to leave after you check-in.

Our newest STAC sets are modular building blocks that are ready for play - you can combine signs, roofs and multiple blocks with a clever, all wooden system.

Approximate box dimensions: 31 x 18 x 7.5 cm

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