Delicate Gel Refill

Delicate Gel Refill

Delicate Gel Refill

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Body and hair washing gel - 1000ml

This very gentle cleansing gel has been specially designed for the bath of babies and children, from birth. A refill can fill two bottles of Delicate Gel - 500ml.

It combines organic orange blossom floral water, which refreshes and soothes, with organic honey, which provides hydration and softness. The skin and hair are perfectly clean, protected from drying out and delicately scented.

Its transparent texture transforms into a creamy foam, easy to rinse, which cleanses gently, without drying out the delicate and fragile skin of babies. 
The skin and the hair are perfectly clean, protected from drying out and delicately scented. 

A 1000 ml format to refill your bottles of Delicate Gel and keep them indefinitely!

Directions for use

Pour the contents into your usual bottle of Delicate Gel and apply to wet skin, work into a lather and rinse carefully with clean water. 

Suitable from birth onwards. For daily use.

Ingredients and benefits

All our active ingredients are produced organically. 

This gel is enriched with organic orange blossom water and organic honey, chosen for their soothing and moisturizing properties. 

  • Organic orange blossom is renowned for its softening and soothing properties.
  • Organic honey is a powerful moisturizing and restorative active ingredient ideal for sensitive skin.

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