Game - Flying Caterpillar

Game - Flying Caterpillar

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You know that all caterpillars dream of flying, don't you? But it's up to you. Your aim and skills is all that's needed. Feed the caterpillar backwards into the tube. Pull his elastic tail, aim for the hoop and let go. Make sure to take careful aim to try and get it through the hoop.

Includes: 1 wooden caterpillar with elastic, 1 wooden tube, 1 red ring and wooden shaft, 1 green wooden base

For ages 4+

Milaniwood is a brand of exclusively designed ecological wooden games that are 100% manufactured in Italy by T.a.m.i.l., a company that has been making high quality wooden components since 1924. The games are made with FSC wood using machinery fuelled by clean energy, safe, with attention to detail and recyclable packaging made of cotton and cardboard.

From the designer Fabio Guaricci: No scientist could ever tell you that a caterpillar can fly. In fact they need to become butterfly before being able to do that. Well, this caterpillar is different. He decided that he could not wait, so he put his flying goggles on and shoot himself from a cannon in the direction of the apple. The story of Brucovolante is about a character that did not accept his destiny, his nature. But did not get sad about it, instead he found an other way to achieve that ambitious (yet dangerous) goal. That is why kids must be careful to target the cannon in the direction of the apple represented by the red ring. It can be played in a wide range of variants of the game: changing the distance from the ring, the orientation of the cannon or even the orientation of the ring. This allows the toy to be played at different stages of dexterity and so having a longer life for the kid. While enjoying the story and the game kids train their targeting ability, balance, self-perception and identification.

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