Adult Buckwheat Pillow

Adult Buckwheat Pillow

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Because we want and deserve the best, Maovic pillows are made of organic buckwheat husks, which allows us to spend beautiful nights and avoids spending 8 hours per day lying on pesticides.

Maovic pillows are:

• Anti-dust mite

• Ergonomic

• Equipped with a cover that goes to the washer and dryer

• Embellished with two zippers: one for the cover and one to allow you to wash or adjust to your liking the amount of shells.

Shells and not foam?

Buckwheat hulls have a lot of advantages. They are not only chemical free, but also anti-mite, ergonomic because you can adjust the quantity as needed and they emit a pleasant soothing smell, which promotes relaxation. In addition, the shape of the shells helps to regulate the temperature, which brings additional comfort.

Why biological shells?

We chose organic hulls for the very good reason that they were not sprayed with chemicals. Knowing that you spend several hours your face snuggled against your pillow, the option of organic shells seemed to us to be obvious.


Each fabric has been carefully chosen to follow trends.

All pillows have two sides, one in patterned cotton and one in plain poly-poly with a matching color.


Check out the MAINTENANCE section to find out everything;

Complementary products?

You can slip between the pillow and the colorful cover a waterproof cover to make your life easier if a possible damage happened.

The cover is made of sweater (the same fabric used for washable diapers) so it does not get hot and unpleasant and makes for a nice dry night.

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