Animal Paradise

Animal Paradise

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  • The game box aims to develop children's hands-on ability. If your child is new to hands-on projects, some supervision may be required to build confidence in learning new activities.
  • Although these projects teach basic machinery, children may still
  • find it difficult and complex to process the principle hidden in each project.
  • Please walk your child through the instruction manual very carefully and get them familiarized with technology and engineering gradually.
  • All parts included are well sanded or polished to provide a safe experience for your little one


This game box includes 6 DIY engineering projects. Each project conveys a different physics principle: mechanical linkage, friction, resilience and lever, robotic arm, inertia, and trotting horse lamp. It features lovely animal models to lead children into a wonderful animal world packed with fun and amazing engineering projects. These hands-on projects will make them feel engaged and accomplished while learning to solve problems on their own. These projects show us how to build animal models and learn how they move. During play, children make observations and assemble the model on their own, which helps improve their hands-on ability and spatial awareness. They also get to know about how simple machinery works. The game box comes with detailed and informative instructions to bring engineering and machinery closer to budding engineers.

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