Musical Tin Tea Set - Andy Westface

Musical Tin Tea Set - Andy Westface

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Vilac tin tea set is a simple toy at first sight but also a great educational support that will allow children, girls and boys to grow up while having fun! The colours of this tea set are bright and poetic. Attractive and stylish, they take up the colours of the rainbow and are a very nice support to initiate the child to art and drawing. At the age of 3, children start to acquire fine motor skills and this dinner set will help them become more precise in their movements. They will learn to arrange the cups on each saucer, to stack the plates, to sort, to arrange by size like the grown-ups, to the delight of their cuddly toys and dolls. Carrying the whole tea set on the magnificent tray will also be a challenge for these little ones, a real circus act! It will be an opportunity to gain self-confidence and to train, to repeat the same gestures over and over again without the unfortunate consequences of real life. It will be an opportunity to receive the congratulations of the adults, necessary for their psychological development. Alone, independently, the children will be able to take advantage of the calm to develop stories from real-life or ones that are completely made up using the dinner set as the centre of the game. They can thus relive real-life situations, such as a birthday party or a simple meal, with their cuddly toys and dolls as partners and the soft melody of the teapot as the musical background. A great time to socialize, as is the case during a meal, "playing with the tea set" with other children or adults will give the children the opportunity to discuss, develop and improve their vocabulary by sharing a cozy moment with others, as they do in their daily lives. This durable tea set will last for years and will continue to be a must-have toy as the child grows up. 14 piece Musical Tin Tea Set illustrated by Andy Westface. Produced by VILAC. Note: the teapot plays music when you tip it to pour the tea. Box measures 35 x 21 x 10.5 cm. Safety rated for ages 3+.

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